Advent Calendar Activities – Simple, Easy and Fun!


Christmas Advent Calendar - Finished calendar side view


Some of you have asked what our advent calendar activities are that we wrote on slips of paper and included in our homemade recycled advent calendar.  So here is our list, though we had to reorder some of them because of snow storms, etc.  The nice thing is the kids don’t mind opening a different day if needed as they know they eventually will get to open all of them!

The key to coming up with this list was having the kids involved with coming up with ideas of things they wanted to do for the holidays.  Many of these ideas came from my 6 year old!  The best part is most of what they came up with were free (like donate a toy to a child or drive around town looking at christmas lights).

  1. Put up Christmas lights.
  2. Bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (a family favorite).
  3. Donate to a charity that my 6 year old picks.
  4. Donate a toy to needy child.
  5. Write letter to Santa.
  6. Sleep under the Christmas tree.
  7. Go to our town’s Christmas parade.
  8. Horse carriage ride (these are free offered by our town on every Sunday in December, so we did Christmas crafts instead because of a snowstorm that day)
  9. Decorate our Christmas cards with stickers.
  10. Hot cocoa with marshmallows by a fire.
  11. Drive around town seeing Christmas lights.
  12. Make and decorate gingerbread house.
  13. Watch Christmas movies and eat popcorn.
  14. Christmas crafts.
  15. Go ice skating.
  16. Hug day.
  17. Make snowflakes.
  18. Play Christmas trivia and games.
  19. Make Christmas gifts for family, friends, teachers.
  20. Deliver gifts to family, friends and teachers.
  21. Christmas crafts.
  22. Have candlelit dinner (for some reason the kids think this is so cool  🙂
  23. Bake Christmas cookies.
  24. Read Night Before Christmas.

That’s it!  Very simple activities that don’t take much planning, can be rearranged if needed due to weather, have very little environmental impact, and are mostly free!

If you have any ideas for other holiday activities this time of year, please share!  I’m always looking for ideas for next year! 🙂


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