Traveling for Thanksgiving with Kids?

This is a neat Thanksgiving travel packet to print out (on recycled paper of course!) 🙂 to keep your kids entertained on your Thanksgiving travels!

It has a variety of activities suitable for younger kids like coloring and drawing pages, but also for older kids with paper battleship game and cryptogram activity, choose your own math activity, etc.

Thanksgiving Travel Packet 2

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Driving to the Bus Stop?

I hope this post doesn’t spark too much debate but I recently started taking my oldest daughter to the bus stop for school.  And by “taking” her to the bus stop I mean opening the front door and walking down the sidewalk to where the bus stop is.  I don’t mean getting in my car and driving her to the bus stop like I know some people do.

I’m sure some parents HAVE to drive their kids to the bus stop because they are handicap or have some health issues that makes it really tough for them to walk down the street, but for those that are healthy and especially those that buy a gym membership or a new treadmill to get some exercise, I say look no further than walking around your neighborhood!

I know not everyone has a “green thinking cap” on and not everyone contemplates the GHG value or carbon impact of everything they do, but there are many reasons other than decreasing the pollution from the unnecessary driving.   Even if you drive your kids to the bus stop in an electric car or hybrid, there is an environmental impact.  They only way to not have an impact is to WALK your kids to the bus stop.  What a concept!  You AND the kids get much needed exercise and you have no negative impact on the environment.  Unless you fart during the walk and contribute some methane gas, though you also typically expel oxygen too, so it’s not all bad. 🙂

Last time I checked gasoline was over $3 per gallon.  Last time I checked the economy was struggling and people are constantly complaining about the price of gas and how their money just doesn’t go as far as it used to or that their income has declined.  Last time I checked we were trying to set good examples for our kids, and get off our butts and stop being couch potatoes.

So let’s think twice before we hop into our cars to drive somewhere especially if we are healthy and it’s to go down the street.  Good for your wallet, good for your health, and good for the environment!