Dear Bunny Visiting My Garden

Dear Wild Bunny who is visiting my garden,

This letter is from its caretaker, its warden.


I don’t appreciate all your nibbling and biting.

Don’t deny you have been here, I have a sighting.


In the setting sun, I have seen your brown fluffy fur,

Your perked up ears, and your cuteness sure is a lure.


But I fear you are eating so much it is making you fat.

You should go on a diet-what do you think about that?


You see, those veggies are for my family and I.

Oh now, don’t you slump and pretend to be shy.

Bunny chewed kale

I have seen you eating my lettuce, spinach and kale,

Even my latest most delicious green beans, my holy grail.

Bunny chewed green bean

You may be cute, but don’t deny it is you little one.

For I have plenty of proof of the mess you have done:

Bunny Poop

Yes, there it is near my garden, your pebbles of poop.

Now that you are caught, here is the scoop.


I beg you to find some wild food in the woods,

To retreat, to go elsewhere, to find some others’ goods.


For remember, I grew up in a Portuguese home,

Where rabbits were for dinner and not for a poem.



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