“Fountains of Youth and Fortresses of Steel” – Hear What I Have to Say on TerraTech’s Radio Show

I guess I didn’t do too bad of a job back on February 1st as a guest speaker on Jim Lane’s TerraTech radio show, as I was asked to speak again – this time for the full hour so we could go in a bit more in-depth on some of these fascinating biomaterials and genetics news articles I’ve been writing about lately.

Hear me speak for a full hour – if you can handle that – on
today’s TerraTech radio show about “Fountains of Youth and Fortresses of Steel.”

All these new innovations are important to show that we can make practically anything with biomaterials. It isn’t just biofuels anymore or bioplastics or biochemicals. It’s about a complete overhaul and new way of thinking at our world and seeing that anything can be made with biomaterials.

The key as we move forward in this direction is ensuring that we aren’t coming up with inventions or new ways of doing things that are less sustainable in the long run or more polluting or toxic or damaging than what we are replacing it with. I mean, when physicists came up with nuclear energy, it was supposed to be a great thing, but there are definite downsides to it as well.  So whether we replace our new car with a 3D printed biomaterial one, we have to really look at where did they get those biomaterials from? Was it helping an impoverished country and their farmers perhaps? Or was child labor used which wouldn’t be helping our people and planet at all?

Those are all things to keep in mind and consider as we talk about the future and implications of biomaterials.

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