Why I Can’t Go on Vacation in the Summer

I very much dislike going on vacation in the summer. Not because it’s too hot and humid to be outside. Not because any typical vacation spot is crowded with everyone else who is taking a summer vacation.

I can’t go on vacation in the summer because of my garden. Yep, you read that correctly.  I can deal with a few days here or there but I can’t be away for more than 3 or 4 days.  I learned my lesson.  I left for some hiking in the mountains and visit with my baby niece and returned to a dry, crisp bed of peas.  I didn’t set the water timer for the garden because we have newly planted trees that replaced dead ones and they desperately need to be watered to develop roots this summer.  So I had to choose…the expensive newly planted trees, or my garden.  I figured my garden could handle a few days without water.  I was wrong.

So this is the last of my early summer veggies:

The last of the early summer veggies


Luckily, the zucchinni, tomatoes and cucumbers seem to have done just fine, as are the small watermelon and butternut squash plants.  I had a little chat with them and promised them I would not leave them without water for that long again this summer.  I think they forgave me.  We’ll see in the coming weeks.   🙂


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